E-mail: mitt.roshin@gmail.com

Represented by: Bang! Bang! Studio (Russia) and Lemonade Illustration Agency (Worldwide)

Prints are available on Society6



I am Mitt Roshin, and I am illustrator. I was born in Russia, but it were not bears or grey taiga wolves who raised me. I have not even tried vodka for quite a long time and not once in my life have played balalaika. Actually I was born not even in Moscow, but in another city on the bank of the great Russian river Volga.


I am proud to be born and raised in the same place as Kazamir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Ilya Repin, Viktor Vasnetsov and many more artists of great talent – painters, musicians, novelists, etc.


They say that one can be born “with a silver spoon in his mouth”, but as for me I was born more likely with a pencil in my hand. Since my very childhood I was fond of avantgarde and conceptual graphic arts. My mom once told me that I waste way too much paper leaving a lot of free space that could yet be used for drawing. She gave me another sheet of paper and said to use it all, otherwise I would not get a new one.
A minute later I was standing again in front of my mom.
What is it? – my mom asked.
– It is a whale. It is an ocean, and there is a whale under water. And this is water that the whale is spouting out.
It was the last time ever she tried to stop my creative urge.
But my passion of avantgarde was soon over and I gained my own style with years. Now that whale from my childhood would probably look somewhat like this:
Although I am not quite sure that this version is better than the earliest one)
In a time that have passed between drawing these two pictures I became a graduate in architecture, oddly enough engrossed completely in advertising, and then spend 10 years in a quality of creative director in a Moscow design studio «Yellow dog». And all these years without stopping making images of all kinds. About a year ago I decided to concentrate on illustration, and for all this year I have beed creating my new portfolio, which is not very big at the moment, but reflects a way which I would like to follow in my illustration career.
Working as creative director for those 10 years have taught me to be responsible, initiative and willing to create unusual and exciting projects.
I am ready for cooperation of different kinds, well-paid as well as built on altruism.
So if you have an interesting project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thanks for watching.
See you!

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