Illustrators’ Fights

In 2007 an amazing community, Trash Fights 4 Eva, was born in the vast expanses of Livejournal.
It was created by two brilliant illustrators, and their purpose was to struggle with laziness and make each other to draw something every week. Almost immediately this idea became extremely popular. That’s the way it worked: a theme is announced, group of people draw anything they want according to the theme, and then the vote is held, and someone becomes a winner. And then it repeats all over again.
In 2007 I have participated in it for the first time with my first illustration, and it was the beginning of me being a constant participant of these illustrators’ fights. Now the community has stoped its activity, so I would like to show you my works just to remember that atmosphere of great fun.
Here are some (more or less decent) works that I would like to share with you: