Illustration for Popshot Magazine

I had a chance to participate in creating the new 14th ‘curious’ issue of the Popshot Magazine.

Luckily, I happened to illustrate absolutely astonishing and brilliantly intimate story called “The Secret” by Audra Kerr Brown. It’s a story about a child who finds something very secret in the parents’ wardrobe during thunderstorm. It was a great pleasure to work with this text and with its mysterious subject.

Popshot 1 Popshot 2 Popshot 3 Popshot 4 Popshot 5

FauxMood x Artist

Some time ago I was invited to be one of the artists in the project “FauxMood x Artist”, launched by FauxMood, an ongoing campaign started by a group of friends to demonstrate that cruelty-free lifestyle and fashion are not mutually exclusive.

As I am myself an owner of probably the most fluffy dog in the whole world, obviously I couldn’t give it the go-by. For my collaboration with FauxMood, I depicted a woman who is shocked by the realisation and weight of her decision to wear a fur coat, which drags along heavily behind her as the gravestones and aura of death cling to train.

Also I gave a small interview, which you can read here, alongside with the works and interviews of some other artists: FauxMood

FauxMood x Artist
FauxMood x Artist

This Is England Poster

My work for a contest «Design a 90’s rave poster for This Is England ’90 on Channel 4»
In my work I decided to go beyond the creative brief and to make something more than an abstract rave poster. I wanted to immerse audience into the atmosphere of this subculture and England of that time by placing them on a dance floor, which united the whole Britain into one powerful movement. Arms of dancing people creating Union Jack are a culmination of the poster.
This Is England Poster
This Is England Poster

Twice as London

Everything has begun with an ordinary two floor bus. I came up with an idea of showing that actually London in general is like this, everything here has its own “two floors”, and this city contains twice as many interesting and fascinating things as you can think you’ll find here. At the moment this series consists of three illustrations – symbols of London and the whole Britain.

The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories

In January I have been making illustrations for The Book Illustration Competition by The Folio Society.
This year the task was to illustrate three novels for an edition of collected stories “The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories”. Three stories from the collection – “The Treasure of Abbot Thomas” by M. R. James, “A Tale of an Empty House” by E. F. Benson, and “The Upper Berth” by F. Marion Crawford.
I wanted to create dark, sombre, electrifying illustrations, which would reflect the very essence of these mystical stories. That is why I decided to use two artistic devices that would be able to make common stylistics for three rather different stories.
I experimented with foreshortening, tried making it as sharp and unusual as possible, with strong perspective distortion. I believe that it makes illustrations more tension, and a narration more intriguing.
Moreover there is a metaphor in every illustration which connects different parts of a story with each other. For example, stained-glass windows, which are mentioned in the first part of a story “The Treasure of Abbot Thomas”, are transformed into glass of a lantern in a hand of a man running in a well. Shadow of falling man in the illustration for “The Upper Berth” is crowned with a face of a passenger looking through a porthole. And finally for “A Tale of an Empty House” it’s a house with a shadow of a man in a doorway, and a shape of this house is created by a space between two hands throttling a novel’s character.
In a cover illustration I depicted a gentleman’s cane, spider’s web in a shape of a skull and some well-known parts of Gothic and Victorian architecture. For me this image shows that these dusty, old-fashioned stories have certainly preserved spirit of the age, but what is more important is there ability to be still intriguing, full of gloom and mystery.

Layout 1




Homeless pets

One more illustrators competition in which I took part. This time it was all about homeless pets and the goal was to create a print for a T-shirt to support dog shelters. I’ve decided to show dogs as homeless people living side by side with us in the street and trying to make a change on their own. In fact they can survive by themselves, but still need a good friend.

Stephen Fry`s show

Took part in poster competition for Stephen Fry’s show ( The result is this:
Stephen Fry is not only an UK national treasure, but also a man in whose presence history was being made. This Fry’s Show dedicated to his new autobiography is a unique opportunity have a look at personal notes and written memories of such a bright and peculiar man. It’s an opportunity to look through his eyes at events and people who surrounded him in his life. A metaphor is used in design of this poster: Stephen Fry’s head is imagined as a diary with notes, marks and various bookmarks, open to a reader and a spectator.