This Is England Poster

My work for a contest «Design a 90’s rave poster for This Is England ’90 on Channel 4»
In my work I decided to go beyond the creative brief and to make something more than an abstract rave poster. I wanted to immerse audience into the atmosphere of this subculture and England of that time by placing them on a dance floor, which united the whole Britain into one powerful movement. Arms of dancing people creating Union Jack are a culmination of the poster.
This Is England Poster
This Is England Poster

Homeless pets

One more illustrators competition in which I took part. This time it was all about homeless pets and the goal was to create a print for a T-shirt to support dog shelters. I’ve decided to show dogs as homeless people living side by side with us in the street and trying to make a change on their own. In fact they can survive by themselves, but still need a good friend.

Stephen Fry`s show

Took part in poster competition for Stephen Fry’s show ( The result is this:
Stephen Fry is not only an UK national treasure, but also a man in whose presence history was being made. This Fry’s Show dedicated to his new autobiography is a unique opportunity have a look at personal notes and written memories of such a bright and peculiar man. It’s an opportunity to look through his eyes at events and people who surrounded him in his life. A metaphor is used in design of this poster: Stephen Fry’s head is imagined as a diary with notes, marks and various bookmarks, open to a reader and a spectator.